Daily greetings and expressions in hiragana

Written by Jpbasic on January 28th, 2010

1.      Daily greetings and expressions

おはようございます ohayogozaimasu : good morning

こんにちは –konnichiwa : hello, good afternoon

こんばんは – konbanwa : good evening

おやすみなさい-oyasuminasai : good night

さようなら-sayounara : bye, goodbye

ありがとう ございます arigatou gozaimasu : thank you

すみません-sumimasen : excuse me, sorry

おねがいします-onegaishimasu : please

2.    Classroom instructions

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Let’s begin はじめましょう hajimemashou

Let’s finish おわりましょう owarimashou

Let’s take a break やすみましょう yasumimashou

Do you understand? わかりますか wakarimasuka


Once more もういちど mou ichido

Fine けっこうです kekkodesu

That’s not ok/ that’s wrong だめです damedesu

Name なまえ namae

Exam, homework しけん、しゅくだい shiken, shukudai

Question, answer, example しつもん、こたえ、れい shitsumon, kotae, rei


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    Also I would add one important thing to know about Japanese is that there are two distinct types of speech:
    * Formal speech, to be used with strangers, people older than you and family members you do not know well.
    * Informal speech, to be used with close friends, family members and those who are the same age or younger than you.

    So depending to who you are talking you may shorten some greetings!

    I highly recommend you this site to learn more greetings: http://www.japanesepod101.com/2011/01/03/absolute-beginner-1-say-hello-in-japanese-no-matter-what-the-time-of-day/
    Good luck to all

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