Learn to speak japanese language – why not?

Written by Jpbasic on July 28th, 2010

Japan is one of the prominent countries in the world today. Aside from being a target for many businessmen from any corner of the globe, tourists are known to visit every year to enjoy the sights and sounds offered in the area.

If you are in a business that could become international then maybe expanding to Japan would make a wise choice and another reason for you to discover how to speak this culturally rich language.

The history of the Japan and the Japanese people is soaked with honor. In a world where honor and respect is falling away rapidly this foundation of honor is a great reason to investigate the language.

Honor for family as well as in doing your best at any endeavor. That is one of the many reasons why such a geographically small country can be such a powerful country. Learning their language will give insights to the heritage of Japan.

To learn to speak Japanese is difficult if your native language is English because the Japanese language is not rooted in any of the ‘romance languages’.

A great way to learn the language is to go to Japan or to an area where Japanese is spoken such as certain areas of larger metropolitan locations.

But in order to be most effective during your stay in the region, or during the visit to the area of town, it is necessary to learn the Japanese vernacular to avoid any problems and misunderstanding with the locals. Despite English being an international language used in many cities on the planet, not everyone knows how to use it as their second mode of communication.

Once again, for beginners, learning the language might be quite hard to swallow. Many people would often go to language schools to learn the basics of Japanese vernacular and expand their knowledge by immersing themselves in the culture. Some of those who stayed in the region picked it up in due time. But for those who have no opportunity to visit Japan in their own leisure, there are plenty of options to take to learn the Japanese language in the convenience of your own home.

A great place to start is by researching some of the learn at home languages by japanese language software (will be updated by jpbasic.com)  such as Rosetta Stone, … But where ever you start or however you pursue it, the Japanese language is worth the time invested.

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9 Responses to “Learn to speak japanese language – why not?”

  1. baohoa Says:

    hoc tieng nhat o nha

  2. dinhvan Says:

    tai sao moi nguoi khong them nhung ki nang tu hoc chu Kanji len tren nay?????????????

  3. gurung hari Says:

    I want to japanese laguage, how to learn? pleasa help me. thankyou.

  4. James Royal Says:

    I love Japanese but I can’t speak Japanese. How can speak and listening Japanese fluently. Please let me know….

  5. asahi Says:

    nihongo rat tuyet chi can ban hoc thuoc dc 2 bang chu cai hiragana va katakana la da co the nghe va viet lai dc bang 2 loai chu do roi va nhat la co the nghe nhung ca khuc tru tinh bang nihongo mac du ko hieu nhung van thay co cam xuc.watashi suki nihongo.mina ganbattekudasai!

  6. himawarikn Says:

    tôi rất thich học tiếng nhật nhung tôi ko biet làm sao ma chiến thắng sự lười biến của bản thân,mong các bạn giúp minh nha .

  7. Skill VHS Says:

    Watashi mo nihongo!

  8. le thi thu Ha Says:

    gămbate kudasai bạn nhé

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