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Written by Jpbasic on December 4th, 2011
Vocabulary:  かいしゃ(company)、うち(house, home)、へや(room)、でんわ(telephone)、かいだん(staircase)、しょくどう(dining hall, canteen)、ロビー(lobby)、ワイン(wine)、すみません(excuse me),じゃ。。。 (well, then, in that case) 1. これ、それ、and あれthat are discussed in japanese lession 3 refer to a thing, while ここ、そこ and あそこrefer a place, ここis the place where speaker is,そこ is the place where the listener is,  and  あそこ is the place  far from  both the speaker ...
Written by Jpbasic on November 20th, 2011
Vocabulary:  コーヒー(coffee)、えいご(the English language)、にほんご(the Japanese language)、ざっし(magazine)、しんぶん(newspaper)、かばん(bag, briefcase)、テレビ(tevevision)、カメラ(camera)... 1. の is used to connect two nouns when n1 modifies N2 あのかた は どなた ですか Who is that person? ワットさんです。さくら大学のせんせいです He is Professor Watt. he is a teacher at Sakura University
Written by Jpbasic on July 28th, 2010
Japan is one of the prominent countries in the world today. Aside from being a target for many businessmen from any corner of the globe, tourists are known to visit every year to enjoy the sights and sounds offered in the area. If you are in a business that could become ...